Visiting Faculty

  • Dr. A. K. Tripathy,
    M. E. (Roorkee), Ph.D. (IIT, Bombay)
    Retired Director Grade Scientist & Head, Energy Technology Dept., RRL, Bhubaneswar
    Broad Field of interest: Extractive Metallurgy, Energy Technology
  • Prof. R. I. Ganguly
    B. E. (Cal), M. Tech (I.I.T)Kgp, Ph. D (I.I.T), Kgp
    Ex – Professor and Head, Deptt. Of Metallurgical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
    Broad Field of interest: Physical Metallurgy, Phase Transformation and Heat Treatment.
  • Prof. A. K. Chakrabarti
    B. E (Cal), M.E (Cal), Ph. D (Cal)
    Ex – Professor and Head, Deptt. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, IIT, Khargpur.
    Broad Field of interest: Physical and Process Metallurgy Iron & Steel Making, Foundry Metallurgy.
  • Prof. T. K. Pal
    B. E. (burdwan), M. Tech (I.I.T), Ph.D (I.I.T, Kgp)
    Professor of Dept. Metallurgical & materials Engineering and Co-rdinator – Welding Technology Centre, Jadavpur University.
    Broad field of Interest: Welding Metallurgy & Processes
  • Mr. K. Bishoyi
    B. Met. (Engg.), M. Sc. (Metallurgy), Specialization in Metals Treatment (Imperial College, London), SQC & OR (ISI, Kolkata), Former Dy. General Manager (Quality), SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant, QC - of RMP, Iron Making, Steel Making, Material Selection, Failure Investigation
    Advisor - MIDHNI (Ministry of Defence)
  • Dr. Anjan Pradhan
    B. E (Cal), M.Tech (IIT, Kgp), Ph.D (IIT, Kgp)
    Assistant Director, National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur
    Broad Field of Interest: Process Metallurgy
  • Mr. M. Saha
    B. Sc (Engineering) M. Tech (Banaras)
    Assistant General Manager, Blast Furnace (Operation), Rourkela Steel Plant.
    Broad Field of interest: Extractive metallurgy, Iron & Steel Making
  • Dr. Samarajit Kumar Mandal
    B. Sc. (Engg), Met (Hons) Univ of London, Ph.D (Engg), Univ. of London, UK.
    Ex - Director Scientific Services, TISCO, and Adjunct Professor, IIT,Kharagpur Broad Field of interest: Physical Metallurgy, Ferrous Process Metallurgy, Welding Meallurgy, TQM, Communication
  • Dr. Tapas Ranjan Bandyopadhyay
    B.Sc.(Chemistry Hons.), B.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering, (RIT, Jamshedpur), M.Tech(Ferrous Process metallurgy), (IIT, Bombay), Ph.D, Metallurgical Engg. & Material Science, (IIT, Bombay)
    Ex – Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Metallurgical Engg., NIT, Durgapur. Broad Field of interest: Ferrous Process Metallurgy
  • Dr. A. L. Kundu
    B.Tech. & M. Tech (Met. Eng.) RIT, Jamshedpur, Ph. D. (IIT, Bombay) SAIL-RSP, Former DGM (Iron Making)
    Broad Field of interest: Quality Control of Iron & Steel Making
  • Dr. S. C. Panigrahi
    Ph.D, Former Professor, Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engg. IIT, Kharagpur
    Broad Field of interest: Metal casting, Energy conservation
  • Dr. S. K. Sen
    M.Tech. (Metallurgy) W. Germany, Ph.D. (Metallurgy) W. Germany Ex – Divisional Manager (R&D), TISCO
    Broad Field of interest: Steel Making, Hot & Cold Rolling, Coking
  • Mr. Shri Krishna Prasad
    B.Tech (Met. Engg.), Former D.G.M., SAIL, RSP
    Broad Field of interest: Steel Making