Focus Areas


BPNSI pursues the following objectives for the SME’s steel sector:

  • Catalyze the development of quality human resources.
  • Synergize industry and academia to foster symbiotic growth.
  • Build a Technological Knowledge Base.
  • Networking for Technological Information Interchange and Dissemination.
  • Consultancy services on Cutting Edge Technologies.

Quality Policy

  • Meet all requirements of the stakeholders.
  • Continued improvement in all the Training Program and Consultancy Services.
  • Compliance with all the applicable Statutory / Regulatory requirements.
  • Practise Total Quality Management.
  • Adopt Lean Management Principles in day to day functioning.
  • Skills and attitude building to become leader in Technological Training and Consultancy Services to the SME’s of steel sector.

Green Environment Policy

Compliance, information dissemination, and training on :

  • Applicable Environmental Legislation and Regulation.
  • Conserving natural resources and energy.
  • Harnessing non conventional energy sources.
  • Promote green technologies like use of bio-fuels.

Create extensive awareness in the industry to preserve the environment and energy resources for posterity and reduce GHG Emissions.