Events and Activities

Seminars & Workshops

BPNSI have expanded the definition of technical education to work closely

with the industry to achieve value additions to the students. To promote the industry-institute interaction BPNSI organizes regular seminars and workshops involving participation of academicians and professionals from different industries

Training Modules

The institute offered Four weeks “Short Term Training Program” on following Modules:-

  • Process Control and Automation
  • System Administration
  • Oracle and Visual Basic
  • PC Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Database Programming using Oracle

This enhances the knowledge of the students about industrial problems and solutions thereof and gives exposure to the actual job requirements.

Consultancy & Projects

  • Diagnostic Study (6 Decile) of Rolling Mills across India as part of UNDP/GEF Steel Project.
  • ata Collection from 17 major Steel Plants in India on behalf of JP Steel Plantech Co., Japan.
  • BPNSI was appointed as the head Resident Manager of all the Resident Missions of Project Management Cell, UNDP/GEF Project, New Delhi at Bhubaneswar covering the whole of India and the Eastern region in particular comprising the states of Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh.
  • BPNSI successfully completed the Preparation of Project Design Document (PDD) as part of CDM for seventeen member units of OSIMA in the Sambalpur-Sundergarh-Jharsuguda cluster. This was funded by JP Steel Plantech Co., Japan.
  • BPNSI has been requested to do similar job by the West Bengal Sponge Iron Manufacturer’s Association for availing CDM benefits.
  • M/s Shyam Steel Industries Ltd has requested for availing consultancy from BPNSI for up gradation of technology in their plants.
  • M/s UNIDO, National Programme for promoting Energy Efficiency in hand tools SSI sector in India has asked for consultancy in design, fabrication and demonstration of energy efficient reheating forging furnace for the hand tools industry, Jallandar from BPNSI. BPNSI has also been appointed as consultant for UNIDO in the small Tool Manufacturers Association, Jalander for Training in Energy Efficiency Improvement.
  • Presently working on Augmentation alternatives for Rourkela Steel Plant Foundry
  • M/s Bajrangbali Alloys Pvt. Ltd. has requested for technical assistance from BPNSI in the following area:
  1. Reduction of iron ore briquette in rotary hearth furnace
  2. 100 KWH saving of energy in Induction Furnace when utilizing 65% sponge iron with scrap & pig iron as raw materials by adopting Heat Recovery & Scrap Heating Systems.
  3. Assistance and feasibility of re-rolling mill new expansion of pusher furnace.