RTI Manual - VI


There are four departments of BPNSI. The files on the subject matter are dealt with in each section..

A) Library:-

  • Agenda & Minutes Book of the Board of Directors meeting

B) EDP Department:-

  • Various software’s for and manuals for them for the consumption of the Institute.
  • Updation and maintenance of Institute’s website

C) F&A Department:-

  • Personal Files of the Employees
  • Rules & Regulations of the Working of BPNSI
  • Details of the Fixed Assets of BPNSI
  • Various Contracts
  • Despatch Registers (In & Out)
  • Confidential matters
  • Misc.
  • Books of Accounts
  • Matter relating to various funds
  • Parliament & MoS Queries
  • Research & Development Grants
  • Budget Related matters
  • Provident Fund related matters and correspondences
  • Pay Master
  • Taxation / Legal matters
  • Reports & Returns

D) Academic (Iron & Steel Manufacturing) Department:-

  • Course material for the course” Advanced Certificate course in Iron & Steel Manufacturing & Plant Management
  • Examination question paper, answer sheets, mark sheets & certificates
  • Arrangement of training (Industrial & otherwise)
  • Placement & campus interview arrangement
  • Arrangement of short term training for stakeholders


Custodian for Library and documents related to it- Shri K.C.Khilar, Associate office Superintendent

Custodian for EDP Dept and documents related to it-. Shri D.P.Panda.Dy.Manager (F&A)

Custodian for F&A Dept. and documents related to it - Shri D.P.Panda.Dy.Manager (F&A)

Custodian for Academic (Iron & Steel Manufacturing) Department and documents related to it - Shri S.P.Satapathy